Unique As You

We live in a world of personalization.  A trend of a heightened sense of personalization has been building for some time in the virtual online world of social media where individuals have been creating a tailored version of their own identity. The trend is evolving, spilling into the marketplace from the virtual world into the physical one.  Whether it’s on social media or the products they buy, people are creating an identity for themselves in new ways.  Most of this new identity revolves around images important to them. As technology changes it has become easier to personalize the skin of your phone or other products important to you. With our new 2000 Plus® Printer Series we’ve opened the door for the personalization to the office and home when it comes to stamps.

The new 2000 Plus® Printer Series utilizes a large window that allows a user to change the look of their stamp in new creative ways.  This can be accomplished by designing a unique ImageCard™ that slides into the large window giving the stamp an appearance all its own. Anytime the user would like to change or update the look of the stamp all they need to do is simply design a new ImageCard™.  What does this mean in the market of marking devices? It means there is a place to capture the desire for personalization as never before while keeping the process simple and economical. The new 2000 Plus® Printer Series also creates the opportunity for other avenues of product enhancement such as branding and advertising. You’ll never look at a stamp the same way again. Continue reading “Unique As You”