Unique As You

We live in a world of personalization.  A trend of a heightened sense of personalization has been building for some time in the virtual online world of social media where individuals have been creating a tailored version of their own identity. The trend is evolving, spilling into the marketplace from the virtual world into the physical one.  Whether it’s on social media or the products they buy, people are creating an identity for themselves in new ways.  Most of this new identity revolves around images important to them. As technology changes it has become easier to personalize the skin of your phone or other products important to you. With our new 2000 Plus® Printer Series we’ve opened the door for the personalization to the office and home when it comes to stamps.

The new 2000 Plus® Printer Series utilizes a large window that allows a user to change the look of their stamp in new creative ways.  This can be accomplished by designing a unique ImageCard™ that slides into the large window giving the stamp an appearance all its own. Anytime the user would like to change or update the look of the stamp all they need to do is simply design a new ImageCard™.  What does this mean in the market of marking devices? It means there is a place to capture the desire for personalization as never before while keeping the process simple and economical. The new 2000 Plus® Printer Series also creates the opportunity for other avenues of product enhancement such as branding and advertising. You’ll never look at a stamp the same way again.
The Creative Consumer
Consumers are becoming more creative every day. Computer savvy consumers are no longer the exception but norm. Because the new 2000 Plus® Printer Series’ appearance is easy to modify, many consumers will not require help to create their own ImageCard™.

However, we recognize not everyone has a design studio program to make artwork or create an ImageCard™.  That’s why we developed the my2000plus.com website to contain its own ImageCard™ Designer.  This easy to use program allows a user to upload images, add color, existing artwork, or choose to use one of many existing designs.  The ImageCard™ Designer has a three dimensional preview that a user can rotate to review the final design before printing the ImageCard™ they have just created.  Once printed, the ImageCard™ can be easily cut out following the cutting guides. New designs are regularly added to the ImageCard Designer to provide users with additional options and fresh ideas.

The Added Service of Personalization
Rubber stamp makers are in the business of providing custom stamps.  The new 2000 Plus® Printer Series provides the chance to add the value of personalization for their customers.  There are multiple applications where a stamp maker can provide the extra service option of personalization.  These are broken down primarily into three categories:

  • A personalized card for the end user
  • A branded card for an end user’s company
  • A branded/personalized card to be used as an advertisement for your customer to be provided to the end user.

Personalizing Your Customer’s Stamp
Many customers may love the idea of their custom stamp to have a more personalized look but may not feel confident enough to do the design work themselves.  That’s why we offer more experienced Stamp Makers, who are skilled in design work, templates to be used with their design software of choice.  These templates can be used along with our new peel away ImageCard™ sheets.  These card stock sheets are designed in a similar manner as packaging labels.  Simply print the number of cards you need on the sheet and peel them off and place them in the large ImageCard™ window.  The cards on these practical sheets are numbered so that the designer can choose which cards to print on that way unused cards can be printed on at a later date.

When designing cards in this manner the options are endless and they provide an opportunity to service your customer base in new innovative ways.  Some of the more popular uses are address stamps for holidays, weddings, or other special occasions.

Branding Your Customer’s Stamp
Whether it is an owner of a small company or an employee for a large corporation, people like to see their brand identity displayed. What better way to let them brandish the company logo than to provide them a uniquely designed four color appearance to their stamp?

Branding Your Customer’s Stamp for Advertising
A good example of how a stamp maker can assist a customer to advertise their business is Susan Loman.  Susan Loman is a mortgage broker with Price Home Loans.  Susan depends on referrals to earn her living.  After closing a deal, Susan likes to provide his customers with a house warming gift along with her business card.  Now she can do both.  By utilizing the ImageCard™ of the new 2000 Plus® Printer Series as advertising space, Susan can give her customers a useful address stamp for their new home while reminding them of the helpful woman who helped make their home a reality.

A Little Self Promotion
Keeping your name in front of clients isn’t just a good idea for mortgage brokers. As a stamp maker if someone doesn’t require or desire a personalized ImageCard™, designing your own branded ImageCard™ can help bring back customers for replacement pads or for new stamps.  Take advantage of the extra space and the ability to advertise your business in an economical yet professional way.
The new 2000 Plus® Printer Series allows you to meet the needs of a more selective customer base in this ever increasingly competitive market.  It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about the new 2000 Plus® Printer Series stamps, please contact us at 1-800-323-0253 or email us at sales@consolidatedmarking.com.

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